Taking the Shameless Pledge for Prolific Writing: Post a Week 2011

The upside is that I pledge to write at least one post a week throughout 2011. WordPress is challenging me to do that and I intend to rise to the occasion.

The benefit in doing this is that I hope to provide more regular useful information for you about Oaxaca (and Mexico) family life, art, culture, archeology, shopping, dining, food, alebrijes, pottery, textiles, restaurants, street life, festivals and fiestas, celebrations, and generally what to do and how to get there.

The downside is that I will write when I may not have much to say!  Filling a blank page with drivel is not what I want to be doing!  I am reading WP’s The Daily Post for inspiration 🙂

I will rely on you to tell me when I have overstepped the boundary between what is relevant and what is gibberish.

Thanks for reading.  Now, onward ……

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