Video Features Textile Exhibition at Museo Arte Popular Oaxaca

Skeins of wool yarn hand spun and naturally dy...

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Museo Arte Popular Oaxaca is a cultural center in San Bartolo de Coyotopec, the famous  village that produces barro negro (black pottery) on the road toward Ocotlan.

Featured this month is “Tres Colores — Indigo, Cochineal y Caracol,” an exhibition of textiles from throughout Oaxaca state curated by Alejandro de Avila Blomberg.  The textiles are part of Remigio Mestas’ collection.  Remigio works with and promotes the textiles created by the state’s most accomplished weavers.  The colors refer to the natural dyes of blue, red and purple that are indigenous to the region.

This captivating video by Sheri Brautigam of Living Textiles of Mexico provides a visual feast.  I’m happy to share it with you.

Remigio identifies and works with only the most extraordinary and talented weavers in the represented villages.  His gallery is on Macedonio Alcala located in the patio entry to Restaurante Los Danzantes.

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