Budget Oaxaca Restaurant El Gran Gourmet is Fabuloso

Keeps your eyes open, you might miss it!  El Gran Gourmet budget restaurant restaurant is tucked away in a narrow space at Avenida Independencia, No. 1104 in Oaxaca’s Centro Historico.  It’s about four blocks away from the Zocalo past Fiallo beyond the tourist areas (walking towards the Periferico).  Simple, clean, delicious and a bargain!  Who could ask for more?

My local friends eat there and I always like to join them because the food is reasonably priced and delicious.  Yes, you can eat great food in Oaxaca for under $5 USD per person — and that’s a three-course lunch that includes soup or salad, an entree and dessert.  If you want five-courses, it’s a little extra.  The aguas (fresh fruit juices mixed with water) are yummy.  Try the Agua de Sandia or Agua de Melon (watermelon or cantaloupe).   They use purified water and I’ve never gotten “the revenge” here.

Plus, there’s always a daily special.

Here’s the routine:  look at what the daily fare is that is displayed behind the glass serving area.  Choose your first course and entree from among the choices along the buffet.  But it’s not really a buffet, since you tell your waiter what you want to eat and drink.

Entrees can be pozole or enchiladas, or quesadillas, or chicken with mole, depending on the day.  There are rice and black beans.  Usually there is a tasty vegetable, garbanzo or tortilla soup.  Dessert might be flan or rice pudding or jello.  Everyone in Mexico loves jello.  If you don’t, this is a good place to learn how to enjoy this dense, not as sweet dessert treat!

Buen provecho! and be sure to leave a tip.  Ten percent is expected.

El Gran Gourmet, Avenida Independencia, No. 1104, Centro – (68000) Oaxaca de JuárezMéxico, Tel. +52 951 516 7822

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