Oaxaca, Mexico: Safer Than Disneyland USA

Oaxaca is SAFER than you think or the headlines indicate! 

Quick–which national capital has the higher murder rate: Mexico City or Washington, DC?  This question begins the SF Chronicle story by Christine Delsol on Sunday, August 21, 2011.  If you answered Mexico, you are wrong!

The article goes on to say that the drug war affects a fraction of Mexico’s municipalities (translate to”counties”) — 80 out of 2,400.

95% of Mexico’s municipalities are SAFE, at least as safe as the average traveler’s hometown.  “There are Mexican destinations that pose no more risk than Disneyland,” Delsol says. The article includes tips for traveling safety in Mexico — or anywhere else!

You’ll find traveler resources and new perspectives for approaching a common belief (especially among American journalists) that ALL of Mexico is affected by the drug violence (NOT TRUE).

You can also search my past posts about safety and quotes I have included from workshop participants, many of them women, who had a wonderful experience in Oaxaca without any fear to their personal safety.

And, thanks to friend and textile designer Sheri Brautigam who travels regularly back and forth between Oaxaca and her home in Santa Fe, NM, mostly by car, who sent me this story.

I understand from Sheri and friends who DRIVE from North Carolina to San Miguel de Allende, that it is popular and prudent to form caravans, stick to the main toll roads, and travel by vehicle starting out early in the morning.  I am contemplating doing this trip by car in December or January, so I will have a lot of new information to report to you first-hand IF these plans materialize.



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