Shop Mexico: Week 4 — Rug and Painted Gourds

Our gallery store is open.  Visit us each Monday when we offer a selection of handmade textiles, alebrijes, clothing, jewelry and other Mexican collectibles from Shop Mexico: The Artisan Sisters on-line store.   We ship fast.  We pay the artist what they ask without bargaining.  We pass our fair trade practices on to you!

Today, we offer you a beautiful tapete (rug) from Teotitlan del Valle, a nested set of hand-painted gourds from Arrazola alebrijes artist Bertha Cruz, and a gorgeous laquered gourd with lid from Guerrero.


1.  SOLD. This tapete (rug) is hand-woven with 100% wool colored with natural dyes:  cochineal, pericone (wild marigold), indigo and the natural color of churro sheep wool (black and white).  It is a knock-out and could adorn a wall or floor.  Or drape it over the back of a chair, sofa or on an ottoman.  The wool is sturdy and you can walk on it (my Teotitlan rugs have been on my floor in high-traffic areas for seven years without looking aged).  It comes from the studio of Bii-Dauu cooperative known for quality and sustainable development practices.  New, never used.  Pattern is combination Eye-of-God and Zapotec Greca.  36″wide x 50″ long.  Item # 1-6042012. $300 USD.


2.  SOLD. Set of three nested bowls, meticulously hand-painted on gourds by Arrazola artist Bertha Cruz.  They are stunning and whimsical, just as you would expect from this talented alebrijes painter.  It is rare to find this quality of gourd painting in Oaxaca and when I visited, Bertha only had these three available.  Perfect for serving nuts, chips or candy (not for cooking or serving hot or soft food).  Or, use them for a wall still life!  The largest bowl measures 7″long x 8″ wide x 4″ high.  Item #2-6042012.  $68 USD.

3.  This amazing hand-painted lacquered gourd has a removable lid and is one of the finest examples of lacquerware I have seen from Guerrero, Mexico.  The flowers really pop on this deep plum background.  The gourd measures 8″ high from the base to the tip of the stem handle of the lid and 9″ in diameter.   Item #3-6042012.  $95 USD.

For a complete listing of everything we offer for sale, see Shop Mexico page on this site.  We’ve marked SOLD on items that are not available.

Don’t forget to contact us first by email  to see if the item you want is still available.  We will send you a PayPal invoice after we calculate shipping costs based on your Zip Code.  Many thanks, The Artisan Sisters.

Come see Oaxaca for yourself during Day of the Dead and attend our Photography Expedition, October 28-November 4.

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