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Lonely Planet Names Oaxaca Cultural Navigator as a Favorite

We are excited that Lonely Planet has named Oaxaca Cultural Navigator as one of its favorite Oaxaca blogs!  All the posts and entries that I write appear on the Lonely Planet website whenever a traveler wants to find out more information about what to see, do and experience in Oaxaca.  I am really proud of this distinction.

I have been writing about Oaxaca since November 2007 — almost four years and I have written more than 500 posts.  What satisfies me most is that this website/blog is a resource for people who want to know about the people of Oaxaca, her culture, customs, art, food, safety, events and more.

Your feedback and suggestions are important to me.  So, let me know how we are doing and what else you would like to read about.

Saludos, Norma