Handcrafted Chips in Puebla, Mexico–Close to Heaven

We are getting down to the micro level when discussing chips.  Not the taxi driver variety, but potato chips.  These are not the store bought commercially made chips that we are familiar with in the USA.  No.  Potato chips are a fresh made delicacy here, prepared as you like them, while you wait, plain, seasoned with chili sauce and fresh squeezed lime, or doused with dried hot red pepper resulting in a bright red chip.  A food fantasy extravaganza for all potato lovers.

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To find my favorite potato chip maker, from the Zocalo get to 4 Poniente and head toward 11 Norte.  After you cross 7 Norte look on the left side of the street for the little stall where you will see the young man with the mandoline slicer and a pile of fresh peeled potatoes.  Then, you will be close to heaven.  Go another block or two on the left (between 9 Poniente and 11 Poniente) and you will find Talavera Uriarte — another bit of Puebla heaven.

Potato Chips

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