The Cigar Maker, Puebla, Mexico

On a meander around the Sunday antiques flea market, for which Puebla is famous, I discovered another art form.  The tobacco leaves come from del Valle de San Andrés, Tuxtla, Veracruz on the Gulf of Mexico.  The skill is pure traditional Mexican — hecho a mano.   The aroma is intoxicating.  The light is mesmerizing.   From the corner of 4 Norte and 5 Oriente walk on 5 Oriente away from the Centro Historico toward the wide Blvd. Heroes del 5 de Mayo.  Keep your eye out on the right at 5 Oriente #207 for a small shop called Legendaria Cigars.  Here the master is making cigars and cigarillos in the traditional handcrafted artisan method.  If the light is just right through the window perhaps there will be a Rembrandt or Titian in your set of photos.

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Bad for your health!  Beautiful nevertheless!  Fabrica de Puros Legendaria, Tel. 01 (222) 246-3262 or (222) 246-3311, Puebla, MX

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