Day 4: Portraits in Oaxaca Artist Studios

Our Oaxaca portrait photography workshop group spent yesterday up and down Macedonio Alcala with our cameras, and then sent off for a portrait session at Boulanc bakery that is top ranked on Trip Advisor.

Alan Altamirano, La Chicharra, Oaxaca, Mexico

After a fine lunch at Cabuche on Hidalgo between Reforma and Xicotencatl, we made a stop at La Chicharra graphics arts studio where we had an appointment to visit artist Alan Altamirano.


Then, we visited the graphic arts studio of Fernando Sandoval who does the printmaking for Francisco Toledo, Sergio Hernandez and Fernando Olivera to name just a few.


The studio was active yesterday with two artists from Spain who are working with Sandoval to create etchings that are on exhibition at the Museum of Oaxacan Painters.

Day4_Best8-8Above, Maestro Sandoval is working on a copper plate to get it ready for the printing press, a precise and delicate process.

Day4_Best8-2 Day4_Best8 Day4_Best8-3 Working with natural light, we adjust the shutter speed, exposure and “film speed” on our digital cameras to get excellent shots in what many might call obscure environments. Rarely will we use the flash of our cameras, which tends to result in photo glare.

Moment of Jest, Oaxaca, Mexico Even in times of serious creativity, there are moments of jest!


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